Sunday, July 09, 2006

The witch and the demon

He came flying with the breeze
She let him inside, almost without realizing it
He had a skill that probably was a curse
She did not realize until she tried it on her own means

She began to love
He probably did the same, just a bit
They looked and smiled, and even sometimes they spooke each other
She, white as the ivory
He, with the night caught in his hair

The time passed by
And she discovered what was the pain like
And he didn't realize it, or maybe he did
While the time was winding her
She understood what was to cry
And as if nothing, he continued hurting her
He wasn't a bad boy, he just wanted to run away
She wrapped him with her love, and had plunged his anxious soul in peace.

But t he did not want it to be happening
Then he fixed a dagger in the very bottom of her heart
She began to bleed the love that she felt
To be with her was the incorrect thing, the rules must be followed
Their kingdoms were distant
So distant that her silver tears were not managing to touch his place

But he could feel the pain that was causing to the young woman,
Then he also decided to finish with his own existence
She did not saw him again, with her heart turned to pieces
She followed her way, and he did not look for her
They say those who know that he still thinks where she might be
They say those who know that she already forgot him and his love

He's still bleeding