Sunday, November 12, 2006


And strongly assume the Sun warmed up my evenings
And everything was reddish
If the unconditional love had had a glow
Sure it would be the color of your hands taking mines
Every sigh, every beat. We couldn't be closer
Our steps walked along, our soul met each other in a happiness whirlwind.

And now...

But now there is ice where there was Sun
There is a pit where there was happiness
An abyss that is filled with light, but not your light.

And all the illusions are shattered
And all the dreams torn apart
While me, impotent, sat down and observed
I saw the eternal love dying, agonizing.

And the saddest thing
Is that in our calmly relax
We didn't do anything to rescue it
Rescue of the claws of the never ever
the most beautiful thing that we had.


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